Chapter 400

“What do we do now?” Melody asked, her eyebrows furrowing in concern. The thought of a four-day journey was already daunting for her. If they had to change the route and it took seven or eight days, how would she cope? Bradley returned to the couch and started drawing on the map with a red pen. “If we could fill that dried-up river bed with water, maybe we could take the water route. It would not only save us the detour but also save time and energy!” Everyone’s eyes lit up at the idea. Who would want to trek over mountains if they could travel by water? However, Bradley added, “Unless it rains from tonight until tomorrow evening, it’s unlikely the riverbed will be filled. As far as I know, the rain in the Nine Absolute Mountain Range has never lasted more than six hours.” The optimism in the room faded. If they could not take the waterway, the mountain paths after the rain would be even more difficult. Nash stroked his chin. “I have a way to make it rain continuously!” “Mr.

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