Chapter 401

"I can help you with it. But I can't say if the other masters will respect you enough and do the same, though.” "They will,” Nash replied confidently. It was midnight. The nine Golden Robed Heavenly Masters of Drakonia rented helicopters and flew in nine different directions toward the Nine Absolute Mountains through the night. Weather manipulation was a high level Path technique that required the joint efforts of the nine masters. It was a technique where they communicated with the energies of heaven and earth to gather rain clouds from areas with more rain to other specific areas. This Path technique consumed a great deal of cultivation and was permanent. They would not use it easily unless it was absolutely necessary. The nine Golden Robed Heavenly Masters all owed a debt of gratitude to Nash, and today was the time for them to repay that debt. The next day, the sun was shining brightly. Melody opened the window and stretched lazily. She remembered what Nash had said yester

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