Chapter 402

Finn rushed to Nash and Melody. "The water level of the Nine Absolute River has risen a lot.” Bradley's pipe trembled in his hand. How could this be? The rainfall last night… How could it have caused the Nine Absolute River to rise? Melody was stunned. "So, it's true. It was just as Heidi had said. So, it stopped raining everywhere yesterday apart from the Nine Absolute River?” Xeno chuckled. “Now you know how amazing Mr. Nash is. Come future, you have to believe everything he says.” Nash remained silent. He did not dare reveal that he was the one who had caused the rain. No one would believe such a thing. “You’re truly extraordinary, Mr. Nash!" Nico could not help but give a thumbs-up. "Well done, Mr. Nash!" Derek quickly joined in with his own flattery. "It's getting dark soon. We need to make a raft, so let's get moving!" Bradley hoisted his backpack and started walking ahead. Nico quickly stashed the biscuits he had taken out back into his backpack and followed suit. Once

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