Chapter 403

“Did you manage to take your revenge?” Finn asked. “Of course. I cut off their flesh slice by slice and then kidnapped the best doctor around to keep them alive. I wanted them to feel so much pain that they’d rather be dead than alive.” Xeno’s expression was sinister as he said this. Finn and Ken could not help the shiver that ran through them when they imagined the scene. “After that, I instructed my subordinates that they could never go overboard with whatever they did.” The three of them chatted and drank together. Derek and Nico were discussing with Bradley about the Young family. Bradley did not hold back and recounted his experiences with them from when he was a kid till when he was an adult. Time passed. Soon, it was the next morning. It was another sunny day. While they were filling their stomachs with their rations, Bradley suddenly shouted to Nash and his group in the front, "Be careful, there should be a cliff ahead. We have to get to shore now.” Nash slowly opened h

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