Chapter 406

"Do those poisonous creatures actually live that long?" Derek thought of the deathworms, and goosebumps appeared on his tanned arms. "Those poisonous creatures live much longer than ordinary creatures, but it's still only around 70 or 80 years. However, they have high reproductive ability, and their offspring can evolve into even more venomous forms," Bradley explained patiently. Heidi's good mood from earlier evaporated instantly. "So, can we actually safely pass through Soul-Splitting Ridge?" she asked despondently. "If it were anyone else, no. But we're different." Bradley smiled confidently and then took out a transparent glass bottle from his backpack. Inside it was a powdery substance resembling flour. "This is the multi-poison powder we refined based on the Tomb Sect's scriptures. "Apply this powder to your body and those poisonous creatures will steer clear of you." With that said, he dusted the powder all over his clothes and pants. Each of them received a portion, and

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