Chapter 407

Power oozed from individuals of tremendous strength. A heavy oppressive force immediately silenced the group, so much so that they dared not even breathe. Then, a thin old man approached them and frowned at Zain. "Show more respect to Professor Law, or I'll break your damned legs!" he scolded. This thin old man was none other than Zain's grandfather, the patriarch of the Herera family. Now that both leaders had spoken up, the rest fell silent. Old Herera walked up to Professor Law and apologized, "Professor, please disregard the boy. I haven't been able to discipline him properly." Professor Law just waved his hand dismissively. "It's alright. We'll set up camp here temporarily for tonight and wait for them to bring the black donkey hoof, Soul-Binding Nails, and some other tools. Then, we can enter the mountain." Zain sneered. "We already have those things." Old Herera smacked the back of Zain's head with his palm and scolded him again, "I asked you to shut up. Did you not un

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