Chapter 408

Nash and the others set up their tents by the creek. Very soon after, the sun set. "I haven't had meat for two days. I'm sure I've lost a lot of weight," complained Heidi while looking somewhat unhappy as she pinched her cheeks. Melody rubbed Heidi's head and smiled, saying, "I want to eat meat too. Let's go and see if we can catch some game in the mountains!" "How can we let you girls go? I'll go instead." Derek quickly stood up from the ground before giving a kick to Nico, who was nearby. "Nico, you come with me!" "Alright. We guarantee you guys will have some piping hot meat tonight," Nico said as he retrieved a slingshot and steel pellets from his luggage. Nash and Xeno were sitting on some rocks, smoking cigarettes. When he saw the two of them about to enter the mountains, Nash got concerned for their safety and told Ken, "Ken, keep an eye on them. Don't let them go too far!" Ken felt a slight shiver go through him, but he promptly stood up and said, "Yes, Mr. Nash!” He want

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