Chapter 409

Bradley looked into the woods with growing concern. "Could they have run into danger?” Though pale, Finn tried to reassure them, saying, "Ken is a grandmaster expert. He’s capable of taking on a group of black bears single-handedly. Let’s keep calm and—” "Oh no, something’s happened!" Finn's words were cut off when they heard Derek's shout from a distance. Everyone immediately stood up and rushed toward him. "What's going on? Where's Ken?" Bradley asked as he looked at the two distraught individuals, Nico, catching his breath, said, "Ken... Ken went deep into the woods to look for herbs but then I... I smelled blood. It smelled much stronger than ordinary blood... I suspect it's from undead corpses.” Bradley's expression suddenly changed. "Why would there be undead corpses so far from the main peak?" "Melody, come with me,” Nash said and quickly ran toward the forest. Melody followed closely behind. By now, it was completely dark outside, but thanks to the moonlight and both o

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