Chapter 410

The others also had somewhat skeptical expressions on their faces. Killing zombies at the age of 16? Even novels would not include such exaggerated claims. "Drink the stew quickly. This is 50-year-old ginseng. It nourishes the body, replenishes the spleen, and works wonders for the lungs. Don't waste it.” Nash could not be bothered to offer further explanations and went back to enjoying his stew. After having their fill, the group gathered around the campfire for a chat before preparing for bed. They had five tents, all placed close together. Each tent could accommodate two people. Nash slept alone in one tent. To ensure that everyone had enough sleep, they all took turns for watch duty with each pair taking a two-hour shift. Ken and Finn were the first to take the watch and sat by the campfire, chatting. At some point, the moon had disappeared behind dark clouds. In Melody and Heidi's tent, Heidi whispered, "Melody, I need to pee.” "Just go, then." Melody mumbled sleepily in r

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