Chapter 411

A dark figure flashed away. Nash wondered if there really was something there. He frowned and returned to the tent. He took out the Heavenly Master Rune from his bag, placing it on himself. At this time, Nico had walked out. He was awoken by the strong smell of blood. Nico's eyes widened when he saw Nash in the golden robe. "Mr. Nash… you... you..." Golden Robe Heavenly Master! Nash was a Golden Robe Heavenly Master. Nash grabbed a handful of copper coins from his bag and threw them into the air. "Heavenly sword..." When the sword landed in his hand, Nash rushed toward the woods with a flick of his feet. The figure from earlier had disappeared. Nash took out a blank golden rune from his bag. He bit his finger to draw blood and drew a runic incantation on it before throwing it into the air. The rune burned, and a flaming ball of green flames floated in the air. After a while, the green flames floated deeper into the woods. Nash followed the green fl

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