Chapter 413

"Yeah, I killed it..." Nash spoke calmly as if he was talking about a trivial matter. Bradley was at the front of the team. His eyes were filled with tears. The Youngs actually produced a Golden Amulet Master. He believed that the ancestors would be smiling at this. After three hours of hiking, they were close to the main peak of Seven Pinnacle Peaks. "It smells like smoke... "There's someone on the main peak!" Nico caught a whiff of something. Nash could faintly hear someone shouting. 'I think they're looking for someone...' he thought. Xeno took out his IMI Desert Eagle from his bag and placed it on his belt. In a place like this, no one would care if someone died. The sounds seemed to be from a gang of tomb robbers, which meant they might have had to fight over the tomb of the King of Medicine. "Do we need to avoid them?" Melody asked. "We'll avoid them as much as we can... Most of the people who can find the tomb of the King of Medicine are fr

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