Chapter 414

Daniel's grandson was Ethan. He was upset as well that none of the missing people were found. However, there was not much that he could do. "Find them? How are we supposed to find them? We've been looking in the mountains for seven hours, and we couldn't even find a single trace of them!" Daniel stretched his neck, his muscles rippling as he slowly clapped his hands. The seventh and eighth people from the Xalderon lineage immediately walked over. These people had round waists and thick arms with strength beyond ordinary people. The person who had just spoken gulped. He looked at the others who had spoken as if he wanted them to stand up and seek justice with him. However, they just turned their attention elsewhere. It was obvious that none of them wanted to go against the Xalderon lineage. Professor Law looked at the dead body with the bullet hole between his eyebrows, frowned, and asked, "Was there anyone else in the mountains?" Old Herera's eyes were sinister.

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