Chapter 415

Nico glanced at his surroundings and then pointed to an area in front of them. "Over there..." He quickly ran over with Derek and Heidi following closely behind. They ripped off the weeds and vines on the slope, revealing a pile of stones. After removing some of the stones, there was an entrance to a dark cave. Melody's eyes widened as she said, "I can't believe you... you actually found it!" Nash burst into laughter. "His dad was here not long ago... He must have picked up the scent left by his dad..." Melody chuckled. "No wonder... but his sense of smell is still admirable!" While they talked and laughed, everyone gathered around the entrance of the cave. The entrance was not very big as it was about two feet wide. If they were any fatter, it would have been difficult to crawl through. Bradley took out the rope, tied one end with a grappling hook, and secured it on a stone before throwing it into the entrance of the cave. "I'll go in and find a path for us!"

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