Chapter 416

What he said hurt Melody’s feelings. She quietly lowered her head. When Finn noticed, he gave Nash a displeased look. “Nash… you’re being too harsh!” Nash realized he had not watched his mouth. He smiled as he said comfortingly, “I wasn't thinking before I spoke, Melody… I’m sorry!” Melody had an alluring figure and gorgeous-looking features. Naturally, she had attracted the attention of countless men. If she wanted to, she could get married to over a dozen men as long as she agreed to give her hand in marriage. As for why she still had not been in a relationship… It was probably because she had not found the right man for her yet. After all, she was a president with a several-billion-dollar net worth. She was well-versed in martial arts as well. It made sense for her to have extremely high standards. Melody forced herself to smile. “It’s alright…” Nash scratched his head, unsure of what to do. “I’ll find some time to introduce you to a couple of men who’d be an excel

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