Chapter 417

The corner of Nash’s lips curved upward. “Ever heard of the art of lightness?” He strode away after finishing his sentence. Heidi was a naturally curious girl, and she turned to Melody, “Melody… Do you also practice the art of lightness?” “Nash’s true energy has formed an ever-flowing system within his body! “Such martial artists can leap onto roofs and vault over walls easily. They usually also possess incredible speed because they utilize the energy within their bodies to reduce the weight of their bodies, which usually would bog them down! “Forming a system as intricate as the one in Nash’s body would require a solid source of true energy, as well as excellent control over the true energy! “I can do it, but not for extended periods!” Melody’s lips quivered as she explained things to Heidi. A look of admiration appeared on Heidi’s face. “I want to learn martial arts too…” Melody ruffled her hair. “I can teach you!” Nash was already several hundred yards away from them

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