Chapter 418

If they took another step farther, they would end up in a pool of 50-feet-deep sludge. Bradley retracted his foot, which he had already extended, before cautiously extending it outward again. This way, he could nudge the stone step as it moved toward him. The deep pool of sludge was about a hundred feet wide. The stone steps moved through the sludge extremely slowly. “How are those steps just suspended in mid-air?” Melody had a confused look on her face. “Well, if you want an explanation from a scientific perspective, you could say it’s because of magnetic fields! “If you prefer an explanation from a philosophical perspective, you could say it’s because of magical formations!” Bradley did not answer her question straight on. Even he was not completely sure how the steps managed to suspend themselves in mid-air. A stone step lodged itself in the ground right beneath Bradley’s foot with a bang, and he immediately said, “Quick, get onto the stone steps…” Everyone pu

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