Chapter 428

He regretted telling Nash about Anders now. Back when Anders was in the Tomb Whisperer Lineage, he had been loyal. He left only because he was seduced by a woman from the raider families. At the very least, Anders never did anything to betray the Tomb Whisperer Lineage. Anders took some medicine from his bag, poured it onto his mutilated right eye, and then bandaged himself. Heidi suggested, “Nash, let’s sketch out the 18 Rings of Doom first!” Nash smiled and nodded. “I was thinking the same thing…” Heidi took out paper and a pen from her bag, handing them over while blinking her innocent eyes. “You can see the inscriptions on the coffin clearly... We can’t!” With a chuckle, Nash accepted the items and used a grappling hook and rope to get onto the coffin. Sitting at the edge of the coffin, he began sketching small grids, starting with the outermost circle that contained 180 grids. As the circle narrowed, the grids became smaller, and the inscriptions on them even tinier. Dra

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