Chapter 429

“When he stepped in to help us, I had already sensed his intentions, but I was truly incapable of repaying that enormous debt. I had no choice but to join them in tomb raiding!” Anders confessed, feeling bitter inside. His life’s reputation was tarnished by his disappointing son. After taking a drag from his cigarette, Bradley said, “Every family has its own hardships... You should return to the Tomb Whisperer Lineage. If I talk to Mr. Nash, he’ll surely accept you.” Looking at Nash, who was sitting on the bronze coffin, Anders whispered, “Is he really Wolfgang’s son?” Bradley laughed and replied, “He can’t be fake... He wears the Youngs’ ring... The Young family's patriarch once mentioned that only those of the Youngs’ bloodline can wear that ring.” Anders looked down, speaking softly, “I’m getting old. If I join the Tomb Whisperer Lineage now, I might just be a burden.” If he were 20 years younger, he would have accepted Bradley’s proposal without hesitation. Being in his 70s

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