Chapter 430

A wet, icy-cold hand grabbed Nash’s wrist. When Nash turned his head, it was shockingly an undead corpse. The true energy inside him burst forth, and with a powerful force, he sent the undead corpse flying. The undead corpse hit the coffin, producing a dull sound. Inside the coffin, the eyes of four other undead corpses snapped open. Their eyes glowed a haunting green, appearing extremely eerie. Unlike the previous undead corpses, there was no blood on the surface of these undead corpses, and there was no scent of gore. Also, they were not as powerful as the undead corpse Nash saw the previous night. Nash jumped into the coffin and began fighting with the five undead corpses. All anyone could hear were monstrous roars. In less than a minute, Nash emerged from the coffin. Inside, the five undead corpses were decapitated. Melody had already approached the edge of the coffin. After glancing at the scene inside the coffin, the food she had just eaten threatened to come back up

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