Chapter 431

The Undead Corpse King was described in the manual to be impervious to all weapons, immune to water and fire, and capable of killing a large group of people with just a breath. Those who died at its hands would then be skinned and turned into new undead corpses themselves. Seemingly recalling something, Bradley's furrowed brows slowly relaxed as he chuckled. "Mr. Nash is a Golden Amulet Master; the Undead Corpse King may not be a match for him!" "Undead corpses are only called 'kings' if they've existed for over 300 years. "The undead corpse in the King of Medicine's tomb was likely buried with Leopole. A top tier Celestial Master might not be able to deal with an Undead Corpse King of this level either." Anders's aged face had turned ashen. At this moment, Derek approached with an unkind look on his face. "Old Man Anders, are you saying that we should leave the tomb right now?" Anders looked up at Derek and replied coolly, "This Undead Corpse King is beyond your imagination. If

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