Chapter 432

"Old Herera, jump now!" Daniel shouted with a pale expression. Old Herera tied the rope of the grappling hook dug into a rock around him and then jumped down without hesitation. His hands rubbed against the rope, tearing his skin. However, he did not dare let go. The cave entrance was a hundred meters above the ground, and a fall from that height would be fatal for an ordinary person. A deep, muffled roar resounded again. Daniel immediately grabbed the rope and jumped down. Just as he leaped out of the cave, a humanoid monster covered in green fur appeared at the entrance. It stood two meters tall and had a pair of sharp white fangs in its mouth. Its eerie red eyes gave it the appearance of an ape or a monkey. An oppressive aura instantly filled the entire tomb chamber. "An… An Undead Corpse King." Anders' pupils contracted sharply, and he felt a shiver run through him from the top of his head. Even his heart rate had slowed down significantly. Nash had also sensed an extremely da

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