Chapter 433

In his fury, the Undead Corpse King abandoned Old Dan and rushed toward Xeno. He was so fast that Xeno did not even manage to blink before the Undead Corpse King was already right in front of him. Both Derek and Nico, who had been standing in front of Xeno, were sent flying by the shockwave caused by the high-speed impact. Bradley and Anders also fell to the ground while Melody and Finn promptly activated their inner energy to protect themselves. Still, they were forced several meters back, staggering. It was only then that they realized what Anders had said earlier were not exaggerations. The Undead Corpse King's red eyes were fixed on Xeno, his cool breath sending shivers down Xeno's spine. The rest of the group remained silent, not daring to breathe too loudly, for fear of triggering him to attack Xeno. "Heavenly Sword Technique!” At some point, Nash had changed into the Heavenly Master's garb that had been passed down by his master. It contained inscribed formations that po

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