Chapter 434

The talisman burned red, and the Heavenly Sword turned the same shade. The Undead Corpse King clamped his claw onto the sword's blade but then immediately let go, his hand scorched. Nash took advantage of this moment to kick the Undead Corpse King's body with a force of thousands of kilograms, but that only forced him to take a step back. The Undead Corpse King quickly came back and grabbed Nash's neck. Nash felt as if he was being gripped by two large iron pincers. "Mr. Nash!" "Mr. Nash!" Finn and Melody were horrified. Nash was their pillar of support. If something happened to him, all of them would be buried here. Yet, what could they do? They wanted to help, but the man would not allow it. It was not because he was being cocky. Rather, the Undead Corpse King's strength had just far exceeded their expectations. The veins in Nash's neck and forehead were pulsing as he struggled to take out a purple talisman from the outer layer of his Eight Trigrams Bag. This was a demon-sea

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