Chapter 435

Instantly, blood started flowing from the Undead Corpse King's seven orifices. He suddenly opened his eyes as his hair regrew rapidly at a pace visible to the naked eye. Nash was thoroughly shocked. "Quick, find a way to leave this place!" He raised the Heavenly Sword and rushed toward the Undead Corpse King. While the main chamber of the King of Medicine's tomb was within reach, their lives were more important than whatever resources could be inside it. In a situation like this where the power difference was too great, they had no choice but to abandon the treasure. At this moment, Heidi called out, "Nash, can you hold on for three minutes? I think I've figured out the puzzle behind the 18 Rings of Doom!" Nash responded firmly, "Two minutes! We must leave within two minutes!" The Undead Corpse King had already launched an attack against Nash. He swung the Heavenly Sword while grabbing a piece of talisman paper to confront the creature. The Undead Corpse King was incredibly powe

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