Chapter 436

Nash's figure blurred and immediately disappeared from before the Undead Corpse King. He had pushed his speed and agility to the limit. The Undead Corpse King chased after him relentlessly. In the eyes of onlookers like Nico and the others, the two figures had completely disappeared, leaving only two elusive shadows revolving around the cosmos diagram. Nash thought he was fast enough, but he was still not fast enough to the Undead Corpse King as he leapt and pounced on him, knocking him down. His withered claw was clenched into a fist as he struck viciously at Nash's head. Nash gritted his teeth and delivered a powerful punch simultaneously. It was a punch that could kill a stage five great-grandmaster. When his fist met the Undead Corpse King, there was a ripple of force that was invisible to the naked eye. However, the surrounding ground, rocks, and dust were blown apart. Nash felt the bones in his hand shatter as their fists collided. He immediately channeled his strength throu

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