Chapter 437

Nash laughed. He was about to attack when he heard rustling. There were countless deathworms and crimson-lined leeches, packed tight and slithering on the stone walls around him. There were also several bizarre crustacean-like creatures packed in with them. Soon, the walls on all sides were covered with poisonous insects that resided in these tombs. His skin crawled with unease as he watched these deadly creatures blanket the walls. Meanwhile, Heidi had reached the innermost circles of tiles. The pressure was immense as she needed to choose the final tile. Her forehead was drenched in sweat. The tiles in the innermost circles were the most dangerous and the most powerful as per the design of the 18 Rings of Doom. Activating a mechanism here would not only prevent them from opening the main tomb chamber but also endanger Melody and Finn, who were behind her. Finn and Melody noticed the poisonous creatures crawling down the rock wall and felt shivers shoot down their spines. "Hei

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