Chapter 442

Leopole had a head full of silver hair, with a white beard that went down to his chest. Looking at his round and healthy appearance, it seemed he had spent his later years in carefree contentment. He was dressed in luxurious garments. A dragon and phoenix emerald pendant that emitted a faint greenish glow was hung at his waist. Beneath the coffin was a fine silk cloth, surrounded by a plethora of gold, silver, and jewels. The sight brought smiles to the onlookers' faces. There was a bronze cauldron the size of a fist on his chest. It smelled like aged bronze and contrasted with the other precious antiques, When Nash saw the cauldron, he was so excited that he nearly shed tears. If everything went as expected, this bronze cauldron would be the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron. However, he was confused as to how such a small Divine Farmer's Cauldron could refine medicine. 'Or is it that the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron has the ability to change its size at will?' he thought. Nash

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