Chapter 443

The smile on Nico's face slowly faded. He did not dare to disobey Mr. Nash. The three old men looked at each other with a dumbfounded expression on their faces. In the past, they would not stop until the entire tomb was emptied. Especially Old Chief Christopher, who would even knock out the gold teeth from the corpse. It would have been considered generous of him if he left the pair of underwear on the corpse. The coffin’s lid suddenly shook. Nash and Melody both felt a slight fluctuation in the energy in their bodies. Finn's and Ken's expressions changed. They noticed the lid of the King of Medicine's coffin moving on its own. "What a strong magnetic field..." Nash used his Third Eye and discovered that the King of Medicine's coffin contained a powerful magnetic field. It was the magnetic field that moved the coffin's lid. "The last mechanism was for the King of Medicine's coffin. The mechanism to head up should be in the bronze coffin. It's the same prin

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