Chapter 444

Old Herera went to the edge of the coffin and pulled out one of the bodies. There were tears in his eyes. It felt like a million needles piercing his heart. If not for his Art of Skeletal Identification, he would not have been able to make out Zain's corpse. It would have been nearly impossible to tell which corpse his grandson was. After putting clothes on Zain, he tied the body onto his back with some rope. A few minutes later, the domed coffin lid began to rise. Nico sniffed and said with a puzzled look on his face, "That's strange... It seems like... there's nothing outside?" He knew what the Undead Corpse King and deathworms smelled like. Although there was still a faint smell lingering in the air, it was left over from before. Nash raised his deep pair of eyes, stared at Nico, and asked, "Are you sure there's nothing outside?" He was ready to fight to the death, but now Nico had told him that the Undead Corpse King was no longer outside. "I'm positive

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