Chapter 446

“Thank you so much…” Old Herera gave Anders a grateful look. Then, he grabbed the rope and began climbing. He was carrying someone on his back, and the skin on his hands were already rubbed raw from gripping the rope. When he wrapped his hands around the rope, pain shot through his hands. “I think you should let them pull you up!” Bradley took a harness from his backpack and wrapped it around Old Herera’s legs. Then, he fastened the harness to the rope, making sure he knotted the ends together tightly. Melody grabbed the rope and pulled it up. After Old Herera was transported up, Anders gathered Hayes’ remains and made his way over to them. Given Anders’ current age, it was a difficult feat for him to climb up a hundred-feet cliff. Hence, the others employed the same method they had used just now to pull him up. Then, Bradley and Derek were pulled upward too. It was much easier to get Nash up the cliff. All Melody had to do was hold on to the rope tightly while N

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