Chapter 447

Both Old Herera and Anders were exhausted. They slumped against a tree while trying to catch their breath. “What time is it now?” Nash shoved his phone, which had run out of battery, back into his pocket. His push-button phone was in his backpack, and it was difficult to take it out. Melody rolled her sleeve up and looked at her watch. She had a stunned expression on her face as she said, “It’s four in the morning. Did we spend that much time inside?” They began their descent yesterday morning, and since it was now four in the morning, it meant nearly 20 hours had passed. Heidi massaged her stomach as she said listlessly, “No wonder I’m so hungry…” Nico smiled. “You’ll have to hang in there. We gave all our food to the King of Medicine!” Heidi sounded dejected as she said, “But I’m so hungry!” It had been almost 20 hours since they last ate, and they had also spent a great deal of physical energy. Not even the strongest ox could withstand such conditions. Old Herera

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