Chapter 448

Feelings of aggrievedness washed over Derek. He was not even the one who had caused the harm. Why was he the one suffering? “It’s because this hand has not yet reached a level of cultivation where it can free itself from the Undead Corpse King’s control! “It will take a great deal of time before the resentful energy can alter the hand's structure completely…” Nash explained. Derek buried his face in the hay. “Good lord… Am I just the unluckiest soul in the entire world?” Nash smiled. “You should be happy this hand hasn’t yet attained a level of cultivation where it can commit murder… If not, your butt would have already been used to fertilize the mountain!" “Pfft…” “Haha…” “Sorry, I couldn’t hold it in…” Melody burst into laughter. Heidi tried forcing herself to hold it in, but she soon began laughing as well. The loud sounds of everyone’s laughter embarrassed Derek immensely. Another hour passed, and they began feasting on the roasted meat. Once the sun rose, t

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