Chapter 449

He was still holding the Undead Corpse King’s hand. That was the position he had been assuming ever since they exited the tomb of the King of Medicine. The phrase 'unbearable pain' was the best way to describe his current state. “Let’s go!” Everyone resumed their journey after Nash issued the order. After setting out, they traveled non-stop for four days straight. They traveled by day and also by night with the help of torches. They drank from the mountain springs when they got thirsty and killed animals not under protection when they got hungry. The non-stop journey exhausted them thoroughly. However, they managed to return to Madam Lunaris’ shop before sunset on the fourth day. “Madam Lunaris… please prepare us an entire table’s worth of food… Please be generous with the seasonings…" Nico was so excited that he began calling out to Madam Lunaris right after they entered the courtyard. After four days of having nothing but bland food, he felt like his tongue was

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