Chapter 450

Finn shrugged. “You can decide for yourself, Ken. But either way, I’m too afraid of it to want it!” Was there anyone who would want to keep a hand as a pet? Could they even take it out with them? It would also be creepy to just leave it at home alone! “What should I do?” Ken stared at the dismembered hand, his eyes narrowed. A look that was equal parts shock and greed had appeared in Madam Lunaris’ eyes when she saw that hand. If even Madam Lunaris, a Mystique Loyalty Realm expert who spent most of her time holed away, wanted it, what reason did he have to turn it down? “I can attach it to your hand… But it’ll be pricey!” Madam Lunaris rinsed another wine glass and poured some wine into it. Ken remained silent. He only had about a dozen dollars on him. How was he going to afford the surgical fees? Finn asked, “How much?” Madam Lunaris looked up at him, brushing the white-colored hair that obscured her face as she said nonchalantly, “Three billion dollars!” “Three b

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