Chapter 451

Bradley sat nonchalantly on a nearby bench, smoking. Nash also smiled while comforting him saying, “Don’t worry... This is Ken’s opportunity.” Finn looked defeated. “No matter how incredible the hand is, it’s still someone else’s. It surely feels different than one’s own!” At that moment, Madam Lunaris walked out of the room with Ken. Ken’s entire right hand was wrapped in bandages. Nash immediately used his Third Eye to inspect it. After all, having invested 3 billion, he had to check the results. Black scales covered Ken’s right hand. His palm still had five fingers, but the nails resembled eagle claws. By appearance alone, it no longer looked human. The blood and tendons in the hands had established a blood circulation system. Meanwhile, the bones held an unsettling power. “How do you feel, Ken?” Finn asked immediately, concerned about the 3 billion Nash had invested. Ken replied in a daze, “I can’t feel any pain…” He had been knocked out by Madam Lunaris as soon as h

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