Chapter 44

This statement directly shocked Helena, leaving her mouth gaping. The highest sales record for Rococo phones in the domestic market was only around 20,000 units. Indeed, it would take a super enterprise like Drake Group to have distribution channels. Olivia turned her head to the short-haired woman and said, “Alice, bring the contract over…” Immediately, a bodyguard beside Alice took out a contract from her handbag. The people of the Lewis household were filled with excitement, their hearts overflowing with joy. Almost everyone’s gaze was fixed on that contract. Olivia handed the contract to Helena and said, “This is the cooperation agreement between us and your company. The initial order is 300 million, and after signing the contract, we'll prepay 50% within three working days!” 300 million! Moreover, it was only the initial order. Even Herman could not help but take a deep breath. Hubert kept swallowing his saliva, his heart surging like a stormy sea. Rooney was so happy

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