Chapter 45

Being praised by Ms. Olivia herself indicated that Kai’s identity was more than just that! Herman raised his teacup and glanced at Kai from the corner of his eye. When he noticed that Helena was still in a daze, he could not help but smile and say, “Helena, hurry up and sign your name!” The 300 million dollar contract would only be officially confirmed once both parties signed the papers. Therefore, it was common for the parties involved to be eager. Helena was still too young, and she seemed terrified by this huge contract. “What are you waiting for, Helena?” Hubert also reminded her in a low voice. Seeing this, Kai picked up the contract to review. When he saw the contents of the contract, his face changed slightly. “Ms. Olivia, did you mistakenly give us the wrong contract?” Kai, who was usually ruthless, carried a look of anger that made people shudder when his expression changed. Olivia was also startled by Kai’s reaction and immediately turned to Alice angrily. “Did y

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