Chapter 46

This involved an order amounting to 300 million. Why should Baroque sign this contract? Who was Hera to ask Olivia to personally bring the contract over? Olivia must have taken the wrong contract. "The Mares were the ones who negotiated this contract with Drake Group, and it’s the same contract that Kai tried to stop! This must be the case!" Helena grabbed Kai's arm and shook it. Kai narrowed his eyes. He seemed somewhat impatient but held himself back. The order that the Mares negotiated was for four million, and this order was for 300 million. The difference between the two was like night and day. It was obvious that it was not the contract he tried to stop. Herman had come back to his senses now. Kai was the one who invited Olivia, yet why did she suddenly want to sign a contract with Baroque? He glanced at Lauren, who was also in shock. She obviously did not understand what was going on. Olivia explained awkwardly, "I'm really sorry, Mr. Lewis. Our carelessness was the r

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