Chapter 47

Nash slept through the afternoon and was eventually woken up by a video call from Hera. He answered the call and yawned before asking, “Did you miss me?” Hera smiled. "What about you? If you missed me, then I definitely missed you." “I didn’t,” Nash responded lightly. She pouted. "Then I didn't miss you either..." "You seem to be in a good mood…” Nash asked. "I'm in a great mood today! "Did you know? Drake Group signed a big 300 million dollar project with us!” Hera enthused. "Wow, ain’t that amazing?” He sounded surprised. She nodded and continued, "Indeed. It must be thanks to Uncle…” She only knew that her uncle was a business manager at Drake Group. She really could not think of anyone else who could be behind this apart from him. Nash smiled and replied, "Stop it with that nonsense. It’s all thanks to me. So, how are you going to thank me? Hera wrinkled her nose. "Hmph, you're not my uncle. We’ll stop here. I have to go to the company to hold an emergency meeting imm

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