Chapter 48

The beautiful woman looked at the grease-stained signboard with disgust written all over her pretty face. She was wearing a pale yellow dress, white stockings, and a pair of pure white cloth shoes. Her jet-black hair hung down her waist, and her features looked delicate on her heart-shaped face. She frowned slightly, and it was quite a shame to see her face contorted like that. "Isn't she Walter's grandchild, Queenie Watson?" "Nonsense. She’s my wife!" "Fuck, can you lot be any more shameless?” The shameless youngsters were gathered around and laughing among themselves, but Queenie had caught them with her sharp hearing. She frowned and said to a bodyguard beside her, "Clear the venue..." The bodyguard bowed his head slightly in acknowledgment before the rest of the bodyguards behind him rushed into the restaurant. The customers in the restaurant were all terrified, with some having even fallen to the ground along with their chairs. Walter frowned and said, "All of you, get

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