Chapter 49

Walter also stood up and put a hand over his heart in greeting. "It’s nice to meet you, Grandmaster." Queenie, who had been playing with her phone, glanced up at Nash and immediately froze… He… was way too young, no? Was he really Dr. Tanner’s grandmaster? "Just call me Nash.” Nash did not even look at Walter. He just sat down on a chair and picked up his cutlery before digging in. Having slept till noon, his stomach was empty. "Hey… My grandpa greeted you," Queenie said with a frown as she could not stand to see this. Nash picked up a piece of fatty sausage and stuffed it into his mouth before chomping down on a few mouthfuls of mashed potatoes as well. The food here was much better than the food he made back on Tili Mountain. Queenie became even angrier when she saw that Nash was ignoring her. "You..." "Queenie, don't be rude.” Walter gave Queenie a hard look. Kai had offended Nash yesterday, and he did not want Queenie to do the same again today. Nash glanced at Queen

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