Chapter 50

He was not interested in money—that much was true—but he was not against it either. He only had eight dollars after getting down from the mountain. He really could not do without money if he wanted to have a stable life. Walter saw Nash take a swig, and a smile appeared on his face. He made the toast to apologize for his grandson, and Nash accepting it meant that he had forgiven Kai for his mistake the day before. The longer Queenie looked at Nash, the more upset she became. However, since her grandfather was here protecting him, she could not get angry. Nash was eating so happily that Walter did not think it would be good for him to bring up his wife’s illness at this moment. He picked up his cutlery and said with a smile, "Queenie, why don’t you have something?" Since the grandmaster had invited them to dine with him, he could not possibly not eat and disrespect him. Queenie glanced at the food on the table and immediately shook her head. "I don't want to eat the food here.

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