Chapter 51

Green bubbles appeared in the soup after it was heated on the gas stove. What was this? It looked like something out of the toilet. Queenie started to retch just from looking at it. Even Walter could not help frowning. He looked around at the other dining tables and noticed several tables had ordered this pot of soup. They were also digging into it with gusto. Seeing this, Walter was relieved and said lightly, "Queenie... Dr. Calcraft specially ordered it for you. You shouldn’t ignore his kindness.” Queenie shot Nash a murderous look. She wished she could tear this man into pieces. Nash turned a blind eye to her and just drank his chicken noodle soup. Queenie closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. She then picked up a small spoon and scooped a spoonful from the pot. She brought the spoon to her mouth and blew it gently. At this moment, all eyes were on Queenie's face. She turned her head to look at the migrant workers who were staring at her and barked. "What are you lo

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