Chapter 52

"You’re right to teach them a lesson, Dr. Calcraft,” Walter replied with a smile. He knew that Nash was proficient in martial arts and that he had indeed been merciful yesterday. However, he did not appreciate the threat in his tone. Both Kai and Queenie were precious to him, and he would never allow harm to come to them. After they were done with their meal, Nash called the restaurant owner over so he could pay the bill. The bill for the four of them only came up to 27 dollars. Nash rubbed his stomach and then followed Walter to the Watsons’ residence. … At the center of the Watson family's estate was a nine-story villa. Kai was sitting on the sofa in the luxurious living room with a gloomy expression. It was not inaccurate to say that he had lost all of his dignity at the Lewises' home today. He was now thinking about how to help Helena get back in the game. "Mr. Kai, the old master has a good relationship with Mr. Lee. If you ask him to come forward, you can definitely ch

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