Chapter 458

Olivia had roughly guessed it. Claude probably fell in love with this young girl at first sight. However, due to his brash personality, he was too proud to pursue her directly, which led him to use some extreme methods. Regardless, he should not have provoked Nash. Punishment was still necessary. … At Royal Bay, the Harrison couple and Hera were sitting together, sorting out reports. Skadi, sitting cross-legged on the floor, mumbled, “Your family is truly full of workaholics... Even at home, you never rest.” Hera playfully scolded, “What's wrong? Getting tired of us now?” “I wouldn’t dare. You’re the darling wife of Jonford’s strongest martial artist!” Sighing, Hera placed the organized reports on the coffee table. “It’s been seven days... I wonder when he’ll return.” They had been having conflicts recently. Just when things were resolved, he left for another place. The thunderstorm the night before kept Hera restless. She continuously remembered the first time she slept in

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