Chapter 459

The intimacy from earlier had ignited Nash’s desires. Every time he wanted to get intimate with Hera, something unexpected would happen. Counting the days, he had been away in Xanthalos for nine days, so Hera’s menstrual period should have already passed. “Alright... let’s go…” Hera pulled Nash and began to walk upstairs. Nash wore a puzzled expression. What was going on? Should she not have hesitated and playfully resisted him? Why did it seem like she was even more eager than him? They returned to the bedroom and immediately kissed again. From the door to the bedside, they finally tumbled onto the bed. Nash’s hands were not idle either. They were freely exploring underneath Hera’s clothing. Hera pressed Nash’s hand and exhaled softly. “Maybe I should take a shower first…” Nash smirked. “Together?” Hera blushed. “No way... That’d be so embarrassing…” At that moment, Hera’s phone rang. Nash’s lips twitched at the sound. He silently prayed it was not an emergency. “Mr. W

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