Chapter 460

He had always cared about his reputation. He did not want to continue relying on others either. If they did not figure something out soon, he and Helena would really end up on the streets. Helena scoffed. “Which of your underlings hasn’t fled the moment trouble arose? Do you still care about your reputation? Your reputation’s been destroyed after everything that happened at Duncan’s house!” “Shut up!” Kai yelled, fuming with rage. The humiliation at Duncan’s place where he was made to kneel and bark like a dog was something that haunted him forever. He only revealed it because he was drunk. Helena realized she hit Kai’s sore spot and softly said, “Kai... I’m sorry…” After all, Kai approached Duncan to help her repay a 20 million debt. Kai grabbed a beer from the fridge and went to the balcony. He stared at the night outside, quietly drowning his sorrows in alcohol. At Baroque’s subsidiary office, the fire from the server room had spread to the warehouse. Night shift securi

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