Chapter 462

"Mad scientist?" Sherman rushed after Nash, fire extinguisher still in hand as he put out the fire on him. He was curious. "Have you heard of him?" "No." "Then why are you asking?" "Just curious. I see a madman can also become a scientist and come up with such insane chemicals." Sherman rarely spoke, but today was an exception. Only someone like Nash, who was a top-tier expert, could stimulate his desire for communication—even if it was not related to martial arts. This was the kind of social circle he desired. "The mad scientist, Leibell, is a double doctorate holder in physics and chemistry from the University of Cambridge. He gained the nickname 'mad scientist' because he often published illogical scholarly articles. The University of Cambridge even expelled him for it. "After leaving Cambridge, Leibell established his own laboratory. It was originally called Leibell Laboratory, but because of his actions, it was derisively called the 'Mad Scientist's Laboratory'. "In just

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