Chapter 463

"I've already checked on her. She's mostly fine," Nash said. Hearing that, both of them were relieved. After more than two hours, the massive fire was finally under control. The accident resulted in five cases of injuries, three of which were minor, while two security guards were seriously injured and sent to the hospital. After regaining consciousness, Hera arranged for the finance manager and the security manager to cover the medical expenses at the hospital. She also instructed the maintenance team to dismantle the remaining useful components in the control room. "Ms. Lynch, please inform all departments to take two days off as we won't be able to get back the power so soon," Hera said. "Would two days of rest be enough?" Lori looked at the ruined control room and sighed. "Based on the extent of the damage, it's likely that we won't be able to resume normal production even within seven days." Hera pondered before replying, "Start with two days. We'll extend later on if necessa

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