Chapter 464

"No, it's not possible." Nash quickly dismissed Sherman's speculation. While he might know about a dozen Profound Reality Realm experts, he knew not a single Mystique Loyalty Realm expert apart from his senior martial brother, Francis. He guarded the Phoenix Island, and Nash had only communicated with him over the phone. Francis would not have had the time to help him protect Hera. Sherman's eyes narrowed. "Then there's only one possibility. He's somehow connected to your family." Nash glanced at Sherman. There was a tiny possibility to that claim, but he quickly dismissed it. "If that's the case, they'd definitely come out to see me." This was considering he had already found himself trusted allies. Why would this person hide themselves instead? Rather, they should come up to him to discuss the plan for revenge. "Never mind, let's not discuss this anymore. Thanks for your help this time. You should go back to the Skye family. I'll be staying in Jonesville for a while." Nash did

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